List, list

( ) Kissed someone of the same sex
(x) Ditched someone
( ) Had my heart broken 
(x) Used someone sexually
(x) Eaten sushi
(x) Been beaten
( ) Been on a sun vacation
( ) Been on a skiing vacation
(x) Hade anal
( ) Spit on someone
( ) Hugged a stranger
( ) Given money to a homeless
(x) Been given roses
(x) Been ditched
( ) Gave someone roses
( ) Had group sex
(x) Had naked picture taken
(x) Call 112
(x) Gone skinny dipping
(x) Got way to wasted
(x) Smoked
( ) Broken windows
( ) Offered a seat to a old person
( ) Cheated
(x) Cried myself to sleep
(x) Seen someone die
(x) Been depressed
(x) Rode the carousel
( ) Won a lot on the lottery
( ) Hit someone in rage
( ) Watched a stripshow
(x) Been awake a whole night
(x) Gain weight
( ) Been to a fetisch club
( ) Went parachuting
(x) Planted flowers
(x) Been in love
(x) Had a crush
(x) Hated someone
(x) Became paranoid
(x) Made a fool of myself
(x) Told a succesfull joke
(x) Told a unsuccesfull joke
( ) Eaten escargoe
(x) Cried during a funeral
(x) Meet someone from the internet
( ) Execute revenge
(x) Broken  a gingerbread cookie house
(x) Lost weight
(x) Stripped
(x) Sung in the shower
(x) Broken someones heart 

Postat av: Shva

Du har haft ett mer spännande liv än mig. :P

2009-01-16 @ 12:39:09
Postat av: Mia

Spännande och spännande...oförnuftigt och oförmåga att säga nej?

2009-01-19 @ 17:13:55

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